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Viscon supplies a wide range of systems for stacking or destacking both small (crates, boxes, buckets, trays, ...) and large (pallets, pallet boxes, cardboard slip sheets, ...) items.


These items can even be “nested” (into each other) when destacking. The orientation of the items is then determined using vision systems.


During destacking, you can also sort by size or color or, if desired, a quality check can be carried out.


For (de)stacking, use can be made of portal systems, conventional (de)stackers or 4/6-axis industrial robots.


Thanks to its many years of experience, Viscon can assist in choosing the most economical solution for its customer.


Because Viscon can integrate every type, every stacking and destacking problem is looked at with an open mind.


Viscon can help you automate the input and output of your production process.


Think, for example, of loading and unloading products from carts or racks.


Smooth integration with existing production machines ensures easy-to-use, reliable and safe automation of your production environment.

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