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Viscon supplies a wide variety of palletizing systems from semi-automatic to fully automated and integrated solutions.


Conventional palletizing units can be used for stacking a large capacity of uniform products. Palletizing units with industrial robots allow a wide variety of products to be stacked.


Viscon helps to make the choice of the most economical solution based on the desired capacity, stacking pattern, pallet size and stability of the product.


Depending on the product and the requirements of the end customer, the stacked pallet must be stabilized even further.


This can be done with wrapping film machines, strapping machines or stretch hood machines or a combination of these. All these can be offered so that a complete turnkey solution can be provided.


Viscon supplies “end of line” packaging lines for a wide variety of industries, including bakery and agricultural products, but also meat, dairy and horticultural products.


Solutions can be provided to package the retail products in boxes, crates or other packaging.

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